Seattle's rental market is constantly shifting, and for a long time that market has been hot. Rental rates have gone up, while the availability of rental housing has gone down. Seattle is a desirable place to live for the tech employee and the retiree alike. With the change in the presidency and other trends in the US housing market, will Seattle's rental market change in the upcoming year?

An election changes the economy even before the election occurs, and its influence continues in the months after a new government takes office. This year’s election is no exception, and owners, buyers, and tenants are all wondering how the election will change the Seattle housing market. If there are changes in the local housing marketing, how might they influence your Seattle rentals?

Demographics: they're a huge and silent force behind just about every trend. From the interest in kale at the farmers' market to the shift in demand for rentals in Seattle -- demographics are there, shaping the ways in which groups of people interact with the places around them. If you're a landlord in Seattle, you need to understand how demographic trends influence your tenant market.

Where do your tenants fit? From college students to seniors, from work-at-home parents to tech-savvy and highly mobile Millennials, your prospective tenants are diverse and have hugely different needs. The opportunities for carving out a niche in Seattle rentals are as diverse as the neighborhoods of the city. As a landlord or property owner, you need to have a feel for the neighborhoods so that you can understand what neighborhoods attract certain tenants. That way, you can choose properties that attract the tenants you want to work with, and you can target your marketing of those properties as well.